Case Studies

Case Studies

One of the best ways to understand how the Early Years Professional Development Programme could benefit you and your setting is by exploring our case studies.

Below you will find a number of interviews from a variety of people including early years practitioners, setting managers and childminders who part of the second phase of the delivery of this programme called ‘Building on Success.’

Further down the page you will find some recent feedback from the last phase of delivery of the EYPDP.

Feedback on the EYPDP

“It has been refreshing and fulfilling to share experiences with other practitioners whilst refreshing knowledge and learning new skills. The content is so relevant and has given me the confidence to embed what I have learned into practice.”

Melanie, Early Years Practitioner

“Most Early Years CPD programmes are not subject specific, so my staff have really benefited from developing their knowledge in these key areas. I would recommend to all EY leaders to sign up their staff; it will benefit everyone including practitioners, children and parents.”

Emma, Setting Manager

“We’ve just got an ‘Outstanding’ grade from Ofsted. We feel it’s because 5 practitioners at our setting are attending this course. During the inspection, we told the inspector about key things we had learnt. We all felt confident in explaining why we were doing things the way we were.”

Reema, Setting Manager

“I would like to feedback that having completed the maths modules myself, I am very impressed with the content and the videos from Dr Catherine Gripton and Dr Sue Gifford. (They) really help put the knowledge from the e-learning into actual practice with ideas for activities practitioners can use within the early years setting.”

Cheryl, Early Years Practitioner

“This course really helped me with my OFSTED inspection last week, I had lots of new tips and tricks to try that enhanced the language of our children, so thank you!”

Charlotte, Childminder

“I am finding both the e-learning and the webinars very useful, full of useful information that I’m sharing what I have learnt so far with of my team within the nursery.”

Dee, Early Years Practitioner

“I have started my course! I am absolutely enjoying talking and sharing ideas with different people from different settings.”

Gabriella, Early Years Practitioner

“Every time I do the webinars or the e-learning, anything that catches my eye that we’re not doing in the way I have read, I adapt it and bring it in immediately. I have put a lot of what I’ve learned in my action plan for September onwards.”

Wendy, Setting Manager