Frequently Asked Questions

The next and final Cohort for the EYPDP will begin in April 2024.

The EYPDP has been made available to all 152 LAs across England, with eligible practitioners from all participating LAs encouraged to apply.

Pre-reception practitioners and childminders from schools and private, voluntary and independent settings (PVIs) who offer childcare to children between 2 and 4 years are eligible, with priority given to applications from settings that meet at least two of the following criteria:

  • Provide to at least one child with an Education, Health and Care Plan or Disability Access Fund indicator
  • Provide to at least one child in receipt of Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP)
  • Provide to at least one child taking up the disadvantaged two-year-old offer

EY providers which do not meet the above criteria but where local intelligence suggests disadvantaged children would benefit from their practitioners receiving additional CPD support, may also be eligible.

Additionally, participating practitioners must:

  • Be qualified to at least level 3
  • Be currently working with 2-4 year olds (e.g. a manager who does not spend any time with the children is not eligible)
  • Not have completed a previous version of the early years professional development programme delivered by Education Development Trust.

This programme is free to access. Support with backfill costs will be made available to settings via their local authority to help complete the training. Practitioners are advised to speak directly with their local authority about funding.

It is expected that it will take participants approximately 60 hours of learning, spread over an 8-month period to complete the programme.

If you are a Setting Manager* and are interested in practitioners from your setting taking part in the Early Years Professional Development Programme starting, please click here to complete an expression of interest form.

*We are using the term Setting Manager to refer to all those who manage Early Years Practitioners. Examples could include: EYFS leads, EYFS teachers, Nursery Managers, Childminders

If you are an Early Years Practitioner interested in signing up for the programme, please speak to your setting manager and ask them to complete the expression of interest form on your behalf

There are a variety of morning, afternoon and twilight groups for you to join which you will find on the learning portal when you login. Once you have chosen the most convenient time for you, based on your working and personal schedule, this will become your regular webinar group that you join each week there is a live session.

We have a variety of webinar times/days available for you to choose from to fit around your work and personal commitments. If you have any concerns, you can always contact our support team:

If you have already completed the EYPDP or the EYPDP – Building on Success Programme with Education Development Trust, then you cannot apply to do this training programme. If you previously started one of the early years professional development programmes mentioned above but did not finish it, then you can apply for this programme.

If you have previously completed an Education Development Trust programme (that is not mentioned above) then you are able to apply for this programme. Please contact us if you are unsure or have any questions.

There is no limit, however as you may need to attend group webinars or do self-study in work time, we ask that you consider the impact on the rest of your team if applicable. You can always get in touch with the early years team at Education Development Trust if you would like to discuss your setting’s situation further.

In total there are 3 core modules (Communication and Language, Early Mathematics, and Personal, Social and Emotional Development). Each module has between 5 and 7 units. For each individual unit, we anticipate that participants will need to do around 2 hours of online self-study as well as attend a 1.5hr facilitated webinar. This is anticipated to average out at around 3.5 hours of learning each week or 60 hours of learning on average to complete the whole programme.

At the end of each module, the practitioner receives mentoring support from their Programme Trainer and participates in an online webinar to discuss how they will implement and embed what they have learnt.

By taking part in this training programme you will gain:

A comprehensive package of professional development that is based on current early years pedagogy to support them as they continually improve their practice.

The skills and knowledge to enhance the quality of adult-child interactions through sustained shared thinking

Support to engage with parents and carers to support the home learning environment.

The skills to identify children at risk of speech, language and communication needs.

An understanding of the theory of child development in Early Mathematics, developed by subject experts, and how to support children’s early mathematical learning in everyday practice.

The skills to support children’s self-confidence and self-awareness, managing feelings and behaviours, and making relationships through expertly developed Personal, Social and Emotional Development training.

An opportunity to meet with other practitioners from different settings and offer peer support.

An OCN London-endorsed CPD certificate on the completion of the programme, which recognises key competencies achieved by participating in the programme.

The Early Years Professional Development Programme has been developed in response to ongoing research and sector needs.  The third phase is intended to provide support and guidance to help address the impact of the pandemic on the youngest and most disadvantaged children.

As such, the programme is now recruiting new EYPs who will participate in eLearning and be trained by programme trainers from Speech and Language UK during webinars.

Whilst there is no official role for practitioners who have previously completed a phase of EYPDP, their expertise could be used by sharing in-setting best practice messages.

The latest iteration of the EYPDP is similar to the Building on Success Programme in that it has 3 core modules covering Communication and Language, early Mathematics and Personal, Social and Emotional Development with some slightly updated units within those modules.
The programme will take around 60 hours to complete (made up of online self-study and facilitated webinars). For this programme, we’ve partnered with industry experts Speech and Language UK to deliver the Communication and Language content.
Please note that eligibility criteria applies and if you have already completed a previous EYPDP with us, you will not be eligible to do this training, however other people in your setting (who have not previously completed the training) may be.

You can email the early years team at Education Development Trust if you need help with any aspect of the programme

You will gain an OCN London-endorsed CPD certificate on the completion of this course.