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Image of child and practitioner

Our impact

We know that ensuring children are given the right development support from an early age can make a real difference to their later outcomes in life and we are proud that our early years PD programmes have provided support and training to over 10,000 early years setting staff in England.

From the feedback data we have gathered, 97% of practitioners stated they thought the content on the programme was useful or very useful and that they were able to start using their newly acquired skills straight away in their settings. 

The training also resulted in a very high proportion of the participants reporting that they felt a greater level of confidence in what they do, which in turn will undoubtedly have an impact on the children within their settings. 

Immediate signs of improvement in children’s speech, language and communication were reported as well as EYPs reporting being better able to incorporate maths into their everyday practice – both of which are essential in order to prepare those children for starting school. 

For those taking part in the second phase of the programme (Building on Success), having the right skills, knowledge and confidence to help support children in their settings with their personal, social and emotional development was critical given the impact of the pandemic on the mental health and well-being of the children in their settings – 95% said they were better able to do this having taken part in the programme. 

EYP and Setting Manager feedback on the EYPDP and Building on Success programmes:

"I just wanted to feedback on my three staff members who are on this [Building on Success] course. They have all said how enlightening it is and has given them confidence to try out different strategies. One thing they have all suggested using on a regular basis with all the children is the communication chain to track our children’s communication and language development. I feel this will be really benefit our setting."

Setting Manager at a Pre-school in Enfield

"The training has really made a difference. I have been working in Early Years for over 10 years but I have learnt so much in the last 4 weeks! The impact has been so much more language and vocabulary being used at my setting – and this in a short space of time."

Childminder, West Sussex

"I always look forward to the weekly webinars, they are always so informative and [my tutor] has a wealth of knowledge and advice. It has been wonderful interacting with other settings from across the country."

EYP, Nursery in Shropshire

"This course is altering the way I connect with the children in my care so much. I look forward to the learning part and interaction with my group and practitioner every week!"
Childminder, Reading

Image of children and EYP